Artisan Trades /Hope for Architecture

Builder/Individual Name
Clay Chapman
Company Mailing Address
41 A Redbud St, Carlton Landing, OK 74432
Office Voice
404-617-3132 (clay)
Company Web Site
Email Address
Year Started in Carlton Landing
Homes Completed in Carlton Landing
4, 4 in progress


Artisan Trades is a design/build firm specializing in legacy brick homes. Award winning builder Clay Chapman brings to Carlton Landing his background in fine arts and 20 year experience of building high end custom brick homes. Chapman founded "Hope for Architecture", an initiative that aims to create sustainable legacy homes at an affordable price point. This is achieved by fusing the best of old world methods, such as structural masonry and timber framing, and modern technologies to achieve a sustainable,inspiring and virtually maintenance free home. In 2014, Chapman and his family moved to Carlton Landing to fine tune the building method and to use Carlton Landing as a classroom to further the mission of Hope for Architecture. To date, Chapman has trained 3 apprentices who also now build in the Hope for Architecture style. Hope for Architecture also has an annual workshop for Notre Dame School of Architecture students. At Carlton Landing, our homes are designed with Clay's signature "1000 year house" philosophy, for the purpose of cultivating legacy, honoring the practice of structural masonry brickwork, and integrating new homes with modern technology. These techniques produce low maintenance, energy efficient homes with a burgeoning elegance and charm. By blending the old world craft and dependability of brick with modern technologies, we are able to build sustainable and beautiful homes that can be passed down for generations at a comparable price to conventional building.

At Carlton Landing, we are currently building a Tudor themed, pocket neighborhood of eight small cottages (with entry level pricing at Carlton Landing!), which will be ready for occupancy in Spring 2019. There are only 3 left, so schedule a tour today! We are also available for custom building and designing. Visit Clay on Instagram @1000yearhouse and on Facebook @hopeforarchitecture


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